Musée Sully

Communauté d'agglomération du Pays Châtelleraudais

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Historique du musée :

The Châtellerault Museum of History, Art & Ethnology was founded in 1891 by Jules Duvau, then Mayor of Châtellerault and opened to the public in 1893, anniversary date of the creation of the national museums by the National Convention during the French Revolution. After various relocations as collections increased, they were finally installed in a prestigious building, an urban hotel (...) Find out more


The Sully Museum which features extremely varied collections focusing essentially on the history of Châtellerault and its surroundings is currently closed for renovation.

In the meantime, temporary exhibitions punctually display some collections either stored or protected until they are permanently housed in a new site.

When reaching the end of the visit of the Musée Auto Moto Vélo (Automobile, Motorbike, Bike Museum)’s permanent exhibitions, visitors can discover some of the treasures from the former Sully Museum’s collection, which counts over 16,000 items. Archaeological artefacts, headdresses, local arms as well as artworks will give visitors an insight into the history of the city and the region it is in.

To find out the latest news on the Musée Auto Moto Vélo (Automobile, Motorcycle & Bike Museum), visit:

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