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Historique du musée

The Châtellerault Museum of History, Art & Ethnology was founded in 1891 by Jules Duvau, then Mayor of Châtellerault and opened to the public in 1893, anniversary date of the creation of the national museums by the National Convention during the French Revolution. After various relocations as collections increased, they were finally installed in a prestigious building, an urban hotel located between a courtyard and a garden built around 1600 by the famous architect Charles Androuet du Cerceau and named « hôtel de Sully » (registered as historical museum in 1924).

The main topics and highlights of the collection are:

- The archaeological vestiges of the Gallo-roman Old Poitiers theatre (archaeological repository),

- The "Beaux-Arts" collection with a particular focus on paintings by Henri Doucet (1883-1915) and sculptures by Aimé Octobre (1868-1943), both local artists who acquired a national reputation. « Local » painting, drawings and engravings represent a substantial collection of approximately 750 items,

- Bayonets, firearms made in the Châtellerault Arms Factory,

- The Camille Pagé collection, possibly unique in France, made by the Cenon cutlery factory in Châtellerault,

- Items, particularly zincs as well as posters and magazines (around a hundred works) referring to the famous Cabaret du chat noir, an arts cafe founded in Paris between 1881 and 1897 by the local singer Rodolphe Salis (1851-1897),

- Finally a collection of headdresses and local hats dating from the second half of the 18th century to the inter-war period as well as other associated items (goffering irons…). Most of these headdresses – approximately a thousand – come from the collection gathered by Mademoiselle Guérin which was then donated to the museum in 1974.



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