The Museum of Fine Arts

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Presentation of the Museum :

The Museum of Fine Arts was created in 1844 with an art collection acquired since 1841 by the “Société des Amis des Arts”. Since its creation the museum of Fine-Arts of La Rochelle is located on the second floor of the Crussol d’Uzès mansion, an Episcopal palace built during the reign of Louis the XVIth. Under the auspices of the “Société des Amis” and the first curators, the (...) Find out more


Since 1844 the Museum of Fine Arts is located on the second floor of the Crussol d'Uzès townhouse, a wonderful Episcopal palace of neoclassical style built from 1773 to 1777.

The museum offers a rich panorama of European painting from the XVth to the early XXth century with high quality classic works (Eustache Lesueur, Paul Liégeois, Jacob II de Gheyn, Luca Giordano, Willem van Velde le jeune) but most of all a complete illustration of the XIXth century Salon paintings (Camille Corot, Paul Huet, Gustave Doré...) with a preference for the native artists of the region such as Théodore Chassériau, Eugène Fromentin and William Bouguereau.

The XIXth century is not only represented by the wonderful views of the port of La Rochelle by Paul Signac and Albert Marquet, but also by the outstanding works of Aristide Maillol, Antoine Bourdelle, Alberto Magnelli, Gaston Chaissac...alternatively exposed.

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