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From the 14th to the 18th century

The Art collections from the 14th to the 18th century constitute a very complete set that, besides the numerous painted masterpieces, includes furniture (ebony cabinets, Louis XV dressers, armchairs...), a variety of ceramics (earthenware of Delft, Nevers, Rouen...), Limousin enamels, cutlery, a great fund of graphic arts, and sculpted vestiges of the highest quality (castle of Bonnivet).
Throughout the hangings, the chronological itinerary – recently rethought – enables the discovery of the Trecento (fragments of an italo-byzantin polyptych by Paolo Veneziano) as well as the Golden Age of the Northern schools, from which still lifes (Ambrosius Bosschaert), Flemish and Dutch landscapes (Daniel Seghers, Marten Van Valkenborch, entourage de Brueghel de Velours), war scenes (Téniers le Jeune), religious scenes (Hendrick Bloemaert), paintings from Italian and French history (large formats of Giovanni Lanfranco, Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre) or the art of the portrait in France in the 18th century.

The 19th century

The itinerary is organized according to the great artistic movements of a century of social, urban and artistic deep transformations.

The supporters of the movement associated to color and tinged with a budding sensuality (Jean-Dominique Ingres, Hyppolite Flandrin, Amaury-Duval, Léopold Burthe) succeeded to the Neoclassicals inspired by the Antiquity (Louis Gauffier, Augustin Pajou, Jean Broc). The wide formats remind the Art of the Salons – portraits, historical scenes and landscapes (Alphonse Teytaud, André Brouillet, Aimé Octobre) – and are nearby the Orientalists (Théodore Chassériau, Eugène Fromentin, François-Auguste Biard) or Classical (Gustave Housez) paintings. The marbles (James Pradier) and bronzes (Antoine-Louis Barye, Auguste Rodin) punctuate the visit with an exceptional fund of Camille Claudel’s work. A storey presents the Symbolist movement at the end of the century (Odilon Redon, Eugène Carrière, Bernhard Hoetger) around a monumental Siren signed Gustave Moreau. At last, the landscapes of Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes, Eugène Boudin, Charles Lacoste or Stanislas Lépine declaim the evolution of this theme all along the century, between classicism and modernity.


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