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The Sainte-Croix museum, museum of archeology and Fine Arts

This building was built in 1974, on the site that was occupied by the Benedictine community of Sainte-Croix since the 19th century. Its very mineral appareance is made of materials left untreated, furthermore, the museum integrates vestiges of human habitation in its basement, discovered during the construction.

The itinerary of the museum allows the discovery of the entire collections: regional archeology retracing the history of the Poitou from Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages ; the Fine Arts department, presenting the great art movements from the end of the 15th century to the middle of the 20th century, with a fund of sculpted work by Camille Claudel ; the poitevine section, including works evocating Poitiers in the art and in the History.



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