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The Cultural Department

The Cultural Department offers throughout the year activities about the permanent collections or the temporal expositions presented. These activities can make the object of a partnership with other cultural structures of the city.

- Guided tours: each trimester, a program of guided tours offers various approaches of the museum’s collections

- Conferences: they take place in the auditorium of the museum of Sainte-Croix and are freely accessible. The conferences accompany the temporary exhibitions presented or relate to the collections (archeology, art history, the town’s history) of Poitiers’ museums.

- Documentary movies: screened in the auditorium of the museum of Sainte-Croix, they are freely accessible. These movies focus essentially on archeology, history, art history or tackle philosophical questions on art.

- The crossover between arts: the Cultural Department’s programmation supports the meeting of the arts within the collections and participates in a different approach of the museum collections through music, theatre, literature, dance, cinema…

Some partnerships:

Music, singing, dancing: the conservatory of Poitiers (C.R.R.)…
Literature: the François Mitterand library
Cinema: the Aliénor d’Aquitaine community center (Passeurs d’Images)
The science fair: the Mendès-France Center

The Cultural Department also organises discovery tours of the collections for groups of adults, as well as the discovery of the museum collections associated to visits to heritage sites of the city, in partnership with the Department of Culture and Heritage of Poitiers.

The documentation centre

(reserved to researchers and students)

The documentation centre of the museum of Sainte-Croix is located at the first floor of the old bishoprics, near of the Saint-Pierre cathedral, on the Mendès-France esplanade.

It is both a research library specialized in art history, in archaeology and in prehistory and a documentation center concerning the works kept at the museum. The works are available for consultation, with an access to the network of the media library François-Mitterrand and the School of Fine Arts. The library is opened by appointment at: 05 49 41 34 92.

The auditorium of the Sainte-Croix museum

The auditorium has a capacity of 200 people and can receive colloquiums, conferences, study days on reservation (price lists on request). It has an overhead projector, a DVD drive, a laptop computer, HF microphones.


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