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The museum bears the National Tourism & Handicap label. Through its various facilities, it is fully accessible to persons with mental, motor, visual and hearing disabilities. In 2007, the museum received the “Museums for all” National Award, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, for the work of excellence and good practice, carried out regarding accessibility for disabled visitors.

Mobility impairment:

The entire building is accessible to people with disabilities. An elevator serves the temporary exhibition, situated on the first floor of the museum. Parking spaces have been adapted for people with disabilities.

Visual impairment:

The museum offers a big letters layout of each room, tactile models of a salt marsh, the introductory text of the museum and text explanation of the operation of a salt marsh are written in Braille. A service offers a sensory tour, accessible to the visually impaired. Thus, the public may discover the museum's collections through a number of tactile, olfactory or auditory approaches.

Hearing impairment:

The museum provides a system of hearing magnetic loop which allows people equipped with hearing aids to directly receive the audio tour description of the museum. Reception staff and mediators have been formed to the basics of French Sign Language (LSF).

Intellectual disability:

A pictogram on the information pole outside the museum informs people with intellectual disabilities that the building is a museum. In the permanent collections, a color associated with each theme facilitates the location in the museum (green for the pine-resin tapping section, purple for the viticulture section, blue for tourism, etc.).

In addition to sensory tours, mediators are available for every public project, for tailor-made mediations, adapted to every public.

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