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Educational activities

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Guided tours and preparations of self-directed tour

The public mediators offer tailored guided tours of every permanent collections, on one theme or more of the permanent collection and of the exhibitions.

Self-directed visits may be designed on request, with the help of a mediator, through an enriched learning path, an educational booklet and leaflets dedicated to every room.

Educational workshops:

For any public during the school holidays. These workshops are designed for children aged from 4 to 12, depending on the workshop. Read more about this program in the news section, or download the schedule at the bottom of this page.

For groups (schools, summer camps, etc.) by appointment throughout the year. Workshops are designed for children and adults of all levels, from kindergarten children to high school and college students. Read more about this program in the news section, or download the schedule at the bottom of this page.

Educational projects:

The educational project is a specific program organized between a class or an institution and the Museum of the Oléron. A contract is signed for the duration of the school year, it gives unlimited access to the museum, but also to a specific number of visits and workshops throughout of the year, for just one class or a whole school.

The museum “Outside its Walls”:

Museum mediators can also visit schools, nursing homes, residential care homes for disabled people etc. These mediators can present collections through slideshows and through objects that can be manipulated by the public. Depending on the institutions needs, several themes related to the permanent collections may be presented.

Tailored projects:

The museum can also develop cultural projects adapted to the needs of schools and any other organizations working with young people.

Birthdays at the Museum:

Children can celebrate their birthday at the museum. This is an opportunity for children to discover the permanent collections in a fun way. A birthday snack is then offered. Download the birthday flyer at the bottom of the page.


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