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Presentation of the museum

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Presentation of the museum

Inaugurated in April 2006, the Museum of the Ile d'Oléron offers a synthesis of the history and inhabitants of Oléron, and makes an excellent introduction to exploring the island.
The museum presents the history of the island, from the Neolithic to the present day. Topics are chronologically and thematically organized. In this 600 square metre space, various themes are featured such as : wine making, resin harvesting, salt production, fishing, oyster farming, traditional costumes, local houses...
Plunge into the soundscapes with recordings of people who used to live on the island, interactive technologies, and films, all adding up to a dynamic museum experience.
The Museum of the Island of Oléron promotes a policy of temporary exhibitions which complements the purpose of the permanent collections and which develops specific themes.
Brochures in English and German are available in the permanent exhibition.
The museum is accessible for all ages.
The museum bears the National Tourism & Handicap label. Through its various facilities, it is fully accessible to persons with disabilities.


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